Discovery Woods Learning Community has closed.

Our family sends thanks and gratitude to our friends, teachers and community for 10 great years of raising our children together at Discovery Woods!

Discovery Woods went from a small program of 5 children in my home in 2003
to a much larger school on a farm property.  As founders, goat wranglers, maintenance experts, grass cutters, strategic planners and full time teachers, it was too big for our family to run.  We are grateful to all the volunteers supporting us!

We are looking forward to moving back to a small, nature and arts based preschool and Kindergarten in our home and focusing on our gifts, teaching and mentoring.

We continue to support homeschoolers, local educators and schools with developing their nature based programs.

You can find our work at

Rebecca and Andrew 

We are thrilled that the community was interested in a larger school and a group of our passionate parents and teachers have formed a new non-profit school, Eastern Ridge School for toddlers through 4th grade at the same property.

Eastern Ridge School shares a similar, progressive nature and arts based approach.

If you need to get a hold of Discovery Woods,
Discovery Woods Learning Community

PO BOX 816
McLean, VA 22101